Tree of Life – Wire Twisting Class

We started off 2017 with another great class with guest instructor, Bevin Moon of Desert Moon Designs.  Bevin instructed our students on how to create their very own wire twisted Tree of Life Pendants, incorporating large cabochons.  As it turns out, this technique is FUN!!  We had a blast, and everyone went home with a completed pendant.  Bevin will be returning to Meltdown Studio soon with more great techniques, and she’s excited to share them with you!  Read more about this class here!

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Author: Lauren Tobey

In 2006 Lauren opened Meltdown Studio, which has created a community of artists who are interested in teaching, learning, and sharing techniques within the field of small metals and jewelry.  Lauren hopes to share her passion for jewelry and to provide opportunities for others to explore their own creativity.

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