Studio Equipment

Bring  your materials, Meltdown Studio provides the rest!  Where can you purchase materials?  Here are a few options:  Rio Grande Jewelry Supply, Indian Jewelry Supply, Thunderbird Supply


Acetylene Torches, Oxy/Propane Mini-Torch, Foredom Flexible Shaft Systems, Foredom Drill Press, Metal Sheer, Buffing/Grinding Stations, Lapidary Radial Saw, Lapidary Buffing Station, Tumbler, Complete Centrifugal Casting Setup, Complete Vacuum Casting Setup, Rolling Mill, Microfold Brake, etc.


Bench Pins, Saws, Disc Cutters, Vices, Mandrels, Files, Hammers, Mallets, Steel Blocks, Anvils, Forging Blocks, Sanding Papers, etc.

Safety Apparel:

Aprons, Safety Glasses, First Aid Kit, etc.

*You Bring:

Metals, solder, flux, foredom attachments, sawblades, dust masks

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