MeltDown Studio Studio Bench Mates

Meltdown Studio houses ten permanent bench set-ups available to artists who have established a firm understanding of techniques and studio policy and want to continue to create.

Bench mates have 24-hour access to the studio, their own jeweler’s bench, Foredom Flexible Shaft System, soldering stations and buffing stations (provided by the studio) and the opportunity to store their personal tools and materials at the studio. They have access to all of Meltdown Studio’s tools and equipment, as well as their own locking private spaces in which to create. As members of the studio, they are notified of events and opportunities, and enjoy the support of the studio and their fellow artists.

$200/month (bench rental requires a 3 month minimum commitment)  *Subject to availability.

Interested in becoming a studio bench mate?  Please contact us for current availability.