Turquoise Statement Ring


July 20, 5:00pm – 8:30pm

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Make it at Meltdown!

In this 3.5 hour hands-ON jewelry making class, learn how to make your very own sterling silver and genuine turquoise statement ring!  Why turquoise?  A true southwestern beauty, turquoise stands for water and for sky, for bountiful harvests, health and protection.  Not to mention, turquoise goes with everything…  Make your own ring, in your own size, so it’s perfect for YOU!

Techniques we’ll cover:  texturing, stamping, bezel-making, soldering, oxidation, polishing, stone-setting, socializing, laughing, smiling

Materials we’ll use:  sterling silver, genuine turquoise

***Turquoise provided for this class comes from a valued source/dear friend and varies in color, size, and shape.