Gemstones Unearthed – One Lecture


Join us for an exciting new lecture series at Meltdown Studio all about gemstones!  Select the topics that interest you, or sign up for the entire series.

When: Friday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm
Where: Meltdown Studio (601 Menaul Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107)
Who: Everyone is welcome – no previous experience required
Fee: $45/lecture or $240/series



“All About Gemstones”
What are gemstones? How are they identified? What makes them valuable? Learn this important information as well as the differences between natural, imitation and synthetic gems.

“Gemstone Treatments”
Learn all about treatments.  Why gems are treated? Are they stable? How do treatments affect the stone’s value? Learn how you can determine if a stone has been treated and many other fun facts.

“Jewelry and Your Social Conscience”
Learn about jewelry’s impact on the planet and our social consciousness including Canadian Diamonds, Conflict Diamonds, Ban on Rubies and Jade from Myanmar, Recycling Metals, Conflict-Free Gems – ARE THERE ANY? – and many other issues…

“Turquoise Exposed!”
Learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about Turquoise:  how it forms, how it’s fashioned, how it’s treated (or not), the different kinds of turquoise, real vs. fake, how to value it, and much more!

“Phenomenal Gemstones”
These are gemstones that exhibit unusual characteristics, from Asterism to Play-of-Color, and everything in between.  What makes an opal valuable?  Did you know some garnets can change their color?  What’s the deal with Labradorite? Learn all of these answers and much more!

“All about Aggregates”
What are aggregates?  How are they valued?  What dictates their use in jewelry?  Are they treated?  What should I look for when buying aggregates?


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