Lapidary Classes

Learn with the masters! How about turning some rough stone into a beautifully cut and polished cabochon? How about learning the exciting properties of various minerals, and how to maximize these characteristics? We invite you to Meltdown Studio’s newest addition: our fully-equipped lapidary studio!

With 65 years of stone cutting experience, Jim Hill is our expert lapidary artist/instructor for this class. The class consists of six hours of hands-on private or semi-private (2 person maximum) instruction with Jim:

Session 1: Cutting soft stones
Session 2: Cutting hard stones
Session 3: Free project (stone of your choosing) + troubleshooting

Introduction to Lapidary will prepare you to utilize the lapidary open studio at Meltdown Studio, how to care for the tools and equipment, how to prepare stones for cutting, and how to know what stones to cut.