Wrapping it up in 2015!

What an exceptional year it has been!  Students from around the country sharing ideas, learning, creating, and above all, having FUN!  (Pictured below) Susie was in Albuquerque most of December for work, and decided to take on metalsmithing to create these gorgeous pieces for her friends for Christmas.  She visited the Cerrillos Turquoise mines and hand picked these exquisite stones for her buckles, and learned all about piercing, filing, soldering, texturing, and more.  It’s 2016, try something new!…

Author: Lauren Tobey

In 2006 Lauren opened Meltdown Studio, which has created a community of artists who are interested in teaching, learning, and sharing techniques within the field of small metals and jewelry.  Lauren hopes to share her passion for jewelry and to provide opportunities for others to explore their own creativity.

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