torches + snow flurries

 The winter break was wonderful! Some of us travelled, and some of us hunkered down at the studio and turned out some stunning pieces.  And ALL of us made plans and ideas about how to make 2016 our most creative and exciting year yet! 

cholla bracelet by Pam
textured bracelet by Pam
patterned cuffs by Tracey
cholla bracelet by pam
reticulated cuffs by Tracey


Wrapping it up in 2015!

What an exceptional year it has been!  Students from around the country sharing ideas, learning, creating, and above all, having FUN!  (Pictured below) Susie was in Albuquerque most of December for work, and decided to take on metalsmithing to create these gorgeous pieces for her friends for Christmas.  She visited the Cerrillos Turquoise mines and hand picked these exquisite stones for her buckles, and learned all about piercing, filing, soldering, texturing, and more.  It’s 2016, try something new!…